Welcome to my personal website which I have developed to post discussion topics, my photography, and would love to hear your feedback. I use my Facebook page for daily communication with friends and family. The most important thing for me is family and friends. I believe in honesty and treating people how you would like to be treated.

If you are a musician or a fan, I am Steve Bartolone, co-founder President/CEO of Hollywood Music, the mother company to Hollywood Music TV, HMI Multimedia and the Hollywood Music Magazine. I created this website with the same goal in mind: to network and meet people like you!, and for you to get to know who I am and what I am about. I look forward to establishing quality friendships and connecting with people who share the same ambition and vision as myself.

My personal experiences have given me a deeper understanding and appreciation of artists, which often separates me from many of the average record executives. Playing in bands since I was 14, I have always been in love with the energy put forth by the music industry. Whether you’re the person creating the sound or the one who is simply enjoying it, you clearly understand.

I am a producer/director of Music/TV and one of the main visionaries creating Hollywood Music TV to help benefit independent musicians on a worldwide level. Hollywood Music TV, to date, is the longest running .. Music TV Network of its kind. Launched in 1999, it is still the leader supporting Independent and Emerging National Artist with Reality Based, “Music TV that doesn’t suCk!”

I am a true supporter of all genres of music and walks of life, a very non-judgmental person and am considered to be very approachable. I believe in treating people in the manner you wish to be treated and assisting in any way possible to create a positive atmosphere.

So, you may see me out at a club watching and supporting indie bands and artists, producing and directing the Hollywood Music TV staff and crew or just hanging out in the scene smoking my cigars. This profile is my attempt to eliminate the intimidation factor, so if you do happen to see me out, be sure to say, “What’s up!?!”